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Restaurant Inspection Information
You may search for inspection results by using the following criteria:
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Search results may be narrowed by selecting multiple criteria.
Example: If you are looking for a restaurant in The Bronx whose name begins with "D", you may click on the button that says The Bronx and click on the button that says "D". The number of restaurants that match your criteria will appear below.
You may choose the following options to view your results:
  • Map Results: Displays restaurants with markers indicating their locations on the map. Rolling your mouse over the marker will display the name and address of the restaurant. Clicking on "Details" will take you to restaurant details page.
    Note: To map your results, narrow your search request until it returns no more than 100 restaurants.
  • List Results: Displays restaurants with the lowest violation points appearing at the top of the list. Clicking on a restaurant name will take you to the restaurant details page.
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Disclaimer: The scores presented for recent inspections may not be final. Restaurants are entitled to a hearing to challenge citations issued by the Department, and successful challenges may result in a change to the score and/or grade issued at the time of the inspection. Some of the scores presented here may reflect inspection results that are being challenged but have not yet been adjudicated; the Department will update the information if it changes. Because of revisions to the inspection scoring system, inspections before July 27, 2010 cannot be converted into letter grades.